How to Get Coupons for Free Products

Coupons for discounts or two-for-one are great, and who doesn’t love a great deal? But coupons for free products are even better. Companies make their products accessible to spread word-of-mouth and also to encourage you to inform your friends about them. Often this is done to debut a new solution, or as a relaunch when a product has a new design or packaging. At other times, it is done to promote seasonal products, like grilling sauces in the summer or holiday items. Here is how to snag your share of freebies.

Everybody is on Facebook nowadays — including your favorite brands. They have fan pages for their company and for individual products. Like their fan page, and you could be rewarded with free product vouchers, either when you sign up or in the future. Be aware that you won’t see every posting that a brand makes to their fan page, so it’s smart to stop by their webpage frequently to look for free offers.

Companies that Like to Demonstrate the Facebook-Freebie Love

  • Bath and Body Works
  • Redbox
  • Suave
  • Yankee Candle

Tip: Set up a Google Alert for the phrase “Facebook freebie,” and you’ll be among the first to know when a new deal goes live. You’ll receive an email that will have links to statements about freebies. You may set how often to receive them – as they’re found or daily.


Get serious about redeeming rebates. It’s a great way to get both rebate checks and free product coupons. You might want to explore using an app to find and organize your rebates. You’ll be amazed how a small technology opens up many more opportunities to get money back, plus freebies.

Contact Manufacturers

Create a list of the products which you often use (food, cleaners, toiletries, etc.). Then, email the maker of every one to tell them what you think of their product — good or bad. A bit of feedback could (and likely will) get you a mailbox full of vouchers for freebies.

Sign Up for Product Tests

If you agree to test products for businesses, they’ll hook you up with loads of loot. Everything you receive to test might not be the final product that ends up on the shelves, and you will be part of the development process. Free merchandise coupons are often a benefit that’s included.

A Couple Test Sites to Register For:

  • Kraft
  • Vocalpoint (P&G)
  • 6 More Client Test Panels to Sign Up For

Spread the Word About New Products

Firms know word-of-mouth advertising (WOM) is strong stuff. This is even more true with social networking. You aren’t just talking to neighbors over the back fence or co-workers around the water cooler anymore. If you have a lot of social websites friends and followers, you’ll be particularly desirable to get hooked up with freebies. Subscribe to spread the word about new products, and they will send you coupons so that you can try them first.

WOM Sites to Sign Up To:

  • BzzAgent
  • House Party

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