JetBlue and Delta offer special pricing to people escaping Hurricane Irma

People who still have not evacuated from areas influenced by coming Hurricane Irma will not be expected to pay more than $100 to leave with a few airlines.

While the tropical storm approaches Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Florida, airlines such as Delta, JetBlue, and Frontier are capping the prices of flights so that individuals are able to evacuate safely.

Delta said on Wednesday it is capping airfares for regions affected by the storm. Delta is also adding additional flights to and from San Juan, Miami, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West, and increasing the size of aircrafts flying from San Juan and South Florida to allow more people to leave.

The changes are happening after a Twitter user noticed that the company was raising tickets from $547.59 to $3,258.50 to get a flight from Miami. A spokesman from Delta said contrary for the report, the airline hasn’t increased any flights in reaction to this hurricane and that the price increase was associated with dynamic prices on the third party travel website where the consumer was reserving the flight.

“Since the storm approached we really reduced the cost level of our greatest fares (which are generally seen when clients are reserving last-minute traveling and stock is restricted) to and from towns in its proposed course.”

JetBlue is capping direct flights from Florida at $99 for direct flights or a max of $159 for connecting flights. “We want people attempting to leave in front of the hurricane to center on their secure evacuation instead of be worried about the expense of flights,” said JetBlue spokesman Doug McGraw. (JetBlue didn’t respond to request for comment.)

Along with economical fares for people in Irma’s route, Frontier Airlines has been supplying charitable support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The airline delivered relief supplies into Houston on the first flight back into the region after operations were resumed and, for another week, it’s capping all deliveries to and from Houston at $99 one way.

“We have the ability to make travel cheap at this time of need,” chief operating officer Jim Nides stated in a statement.

Additional U.S. airlines are waiving charges for passengers rebooking flights from Caribbean destinations in Addition to Florida, such as Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines. Under those modifications, passengers can change their trip without paying charges that average quantity to $200 or more per passenger.

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