The Potential of Connection: 3 Practical Tips for Personal Fundraising

It can feel uncomfortable asking people for donations, even on behalf of a cause or charity you strongly support. This is especially true when the cause is personal: your child’s extracurricular events or college education, a family member’s non-insured medical bills, legal fees surrounding an adoption, or maybe travel expenses for volunteer work. Then there are things it feels downright wrong to ask donations for: a special anniversary celebration, the down payment on your home, and other categories that seem more like wants than needs.

Besides feeling uncomfortable about asking for donations, most of us don’t have the marketing budgets, media channels, or equipment to throw a big event that attracts a lot of attention and support. While you could always grab a coffee can and go door to door, here are a few more comfortable ways to reach your personal fundraising goals on a tight budget.

1. Connect with Your Personal Network

The first people to approach for personal fundraising are your family and closest friends. These people don’t need a Power Point presentation of why your cause is important or impactful to motivate them: they’re motivated by love for you. While we don’t want to take advantage (Read more…)

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