You Can Earn $60,000 for Six Months of Fun in Cancun — Here’s How

Vacation is pricey, although essential for mental health and often leaving credit card debt that lingers long after they’re back. Quitting your day job to blog or Instagram your way is not all it’s cracked up to be. However, a recent job posting in the travel firm connected with the Town of Cancun in Mexico may offer the best of both worlds.

No, this isn’t a drill: is looking for a “Cancun encounter officer” (CEO!) to journey around the tourist destination and record their experiences on social networking. The responsibilities listed on the press release include a variety of onerous tasks, ranging from “sleeping in luxurious beds” to “mingling with locals and vacationers in your VIP table in the most popular clubs.”

The best part? It pays — and not too shabbily. According to the press release, Cancun’s CEO will get $10,000 a month for the six-month contract, along with getting all room and activity expenses covered by Howver, unless you are documenting your experiences at one of Cancun resorts, you may be responsible for a number of your meals.

A job description on the website of the company clarifies that the function involves creating networking content, in both video and social formats, about Cancun that is geared toward an American audience. Get your YouTubing and Instagramming abilities ready.

You will need to be at least 18 and have a valid passport, of course — but you do not need to speak Spanish. Everyone can apply by answering a few questions, submitting their social networking profiles and creating a short one-minute video. Three rounds of finalists will be selected before the best winner is termed Jan. 31, 2018. The deadline for submissions is Friday, Dec. 17.

It is among the more lucrative offers, although this is hardly the first time a tourist destination has offered cash up to promote travel. A similar promotion from a tourism site boosting the U.S. Virgin Islands compensated $300, though, to be honest, that one did not need quite as much effort.

Even if it did not arrive with a generous salary (that would be in the six figures if annualized), the “CEO” occupation would probably still be an enjoyable gig: Mexico recently graded in a survey as a top dream vacation destination for most people if money was no object.

And, if all else fails and your “CEO” application doesn’t win out, it’s also comparably inexpensive and relatively easy to locate cheap flights to Mexico — so it is still possible to get that vacation you so deserve.

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